My 1st swap as a Hostess

So I recently completed my 1st swap on The theme was Inspirational Paint chips. The goal was to create a ATC on a paint chip and add a inspirational quote. Since this was my 1st swap I only had 12 players but that was fine with me. It was so much fun going to the mailbox and picking up everyone's creations. I made all players a personalized ATC in their favorite color.

Every wonderful player created awesome sets and a hostie for me. I will treasure them forever! 
I look at them often as the quotes are uplifting. I don't have a favorite; love them all. 
Until tomorrow!!!
Make some Art; it will make you happy!

Hello and Welcome

It is currently 1:52AM in the morning and I am up calling myself creating ATCs for swaps I am playing and hosting. However, what I am really doing is looking at pages from a link on one of the profiles on website. I thought what a wonderful idea.

Thus, Punch+Color+Glue&me was created.

My plan is to post some sort of art everyday here plus random thoughts.

My art journey started about 6 years ago. I purchased a groupon for Painting with a Twist and had so much fun.

I looked at the calendar and wanted to take another class but my schedule would not work for me to attend. I had a thought maybe I can do it myself. I discovered Michael's and Hobby Lobby for art supplies and never looked back. I took over my kitchen table with every acyclic color I could afford, a small easel and cheap brushes.

Fast forward  to August 2017, I found website and discovered Artist Trading Cards. Oh my goodness, I so love this site. I have only been trading th…